Community - What Could be More Important Today?

Zach Gemignani

Last year, the Analytics Summit’s semi-official theme was “Fostering Community”.

We were only off by a year.

Never has it been more important to find ways to bring our community together.

I’ve been working with the data and analytics for over 15 years and if I’ve learned one lesson it is that extracting value from data is not a job to be done alone. It takes a team and a community.

Data analysts need information designers to communicate their findings. I was speaking to a New York Times data journalist who credited their “world-class” information design group with bringing his stories to life.

Data scientists need data engineers. John Liu — one of our local data science treasures — emphasizes that an effective data science team is better composed of specialists who work well together than a collection of generalists.

Everybody needs someone else to make them successful. This is the goal of the Nashville Analytics Summit: connect people and organizations so they can accomplish more with data. There is no better event in this area to:

  1. Build your analytics team by finding passionate, smart analytics professionals at every level of experience.

  2. Grow your professional network by finding people who are facing similar challenges

  3. Enhance your knowledge through dozens of presentations and workshops.

  4. Explore technology solutions and services that might help unlock the value in your data.

The Analytics Summit committee has been working diligently since last year’s event to make the 2020 version better than ever. We have an outstanding and coveted keynote speaker in Hilary Mason. We have a powerful line-up of industry experts. And we’ll be debuting a new conference activity called ‘Coffee with an Expert’, giving you a chance for one-on-one time with an analytics expert.

The Analytics Summit is the best way to get connected to our analytics community. What could be more important at this time?

- Zach

Zach Gemignani

CEO, Juice Analytics

The 2020 Analytics Summit is produced by the Greater Nashville Technology Council in partnership with the Tennessee Chapter of HiMSS, under the guidance of the NTC Analytics Summit Planning Committee - comprised by data and analytics leaders in the greater Nashville technology community.

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